What should I print?

surgical_mask_strap4 2,0.stl


You can print in PETG, PLA, Nylon, … . Based on experience is an Infill of 15-20% enough (especially for PLA) as it needs to be flexible. All Models are optimized to print without support, that saves time and filament. 


Please enter your current stock (items successfully printed) into the “Stock” sheet. After dropping them at a Dropoff, please update your stock and also the “dropped” number. 

This helps us to have a better overview over the current stock and the total prints!

I have no 3D Printer, can I help as well?

Yes of course! We also need a lot of rubberbands, foils and staples.



Drop Off

Simply put them in a bag and write your name on the bag.

You do not need to disinfect them. We handle them as if they were contaminated and the client will disinfect them as they are qualified to do it!

Please keep in mind, if possible to wear gloves and a mask, when taking them from the printer into the bag 🙂

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